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New IAF Project on Human Progress and Human Services 2035

ALEXANDRIA, VA, July 29, 2016 – Human Services organizations face many challenges such as economic trends, government spending cuts and extreme weather events. The organizations must also reinvent and reimage their approach and services while creating more person-centered, holistic practices. To explore these issues and identify implications for today’s strategies, The Kresge Foundation has awarded […]

Health Equity and Prosperity News Release

New Effort Aims for National Conversation on Health Equity and Prosperity Social, economic and environmental factors drive inequities in health that have a devastating impact on communities, reducing the health potential for individuals, families and the nation as a whole. This lost health potential diminishes national prosperity and security, reducing the capacity of workers to […]

Health Equity and Prosperity Save the Date

We intend to seed thousands of conversations on health equity, freedom and justice across the United States beginning on August 4th and 5th through a historic event to take place at the University of Maryland. This conference will inspire participants to initiate or host health equity and prosperity vision dialogues around the nation.

IAF Releases National Public Health 2030 Scenarios

IAF’s new report, Public Health 2030: A Scenario Exploration, offers four alternative scenarios for the future of public health, and recommendations for robust strategies that would be effective and advance public health in multiple futures. Click here to access the scenarios and learn more about the Public Health 2030 project.

Public Health 2030 futures for rural and urban America

What will public health in rural and urban America look like in 2030? IAF has released two new sets of scenarios and a workshop toolkit for leaders and organizations in local public health to support strategy formulation and planning. Click here to learn about Public Health 2030 scenarios for Fargo Cass Public Health and the […]

World Scenarios in 2030 for IEEE

What potential innovations could IEEE, the world’s largest association for technical and technological professions, foster over the next two decades to benefit humankind to the best of its ability? Click here for the scenarios that IAF developed for IEEE to frame and nourish its strategic planning process.

IAF is proud to provide six junior researchers support for a two-year leadership program

The Kaiser Permanente Burch Minority Leadership Development Program, supported by Kaiser Permanente through a grant to IAF from a charitable fund at the East Bay Community Foundation, recently selected its 2013-2015 cohort of leadership development awardees. This program seeks to improve health equity and services to the underserved as well as to develop and sustain […]

IAF Releases Chiropractic 2025 Scenarios

What will chiropractic in the U.S. look like in 2025? IAF has released a new set of scenarios for the chiropractic field. This is the third in a series of futures reports since 1998, funded initially by NCMIC Group, Inc., and later by the NCMIC Foundation, Inc.