Health Equity and Prosperity

Hundreds of leaders from different sectors and communities will develop strategies for systems change and devise action plans for activating health equity networks in specific action areas, including health care, education, employment, housing, and community development

The “Health Equity And Prosperity—An American Freedom and Justice Movement” project launched in 2016 and will conclude in July of 2017 with a report to the funder, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.  In 2016 the project included: an initial  Partners Meeting (partners listed below); the Lincoln Cottage Assembly of CEOs from business and non-profits, held in the Emancipation Room of the historic Lincoln Cottage in Washington, DC;  and the Assembly for Health Equity and Prosperity at the University of Maryland with over 330 participants in August.

Partners in the project include:  the Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s 100 Million Healthier Lives, Thought Leadership and Innovation Foundation, Healthy Companies International, National Collaborative for Health Equity, AcademyHealth, Prevention Institute, Community Initiatives, Stanford Center for Population Health Sciences, University of Maryland Center for Health Equity and the Health Advocates in Reach and Research.

The project is led by IAF’s President and Senior Futurist Jonathan Peck. Based on what was learned through these convenings, IAF is developing and disseminating summary evaluations of methods for cross-sector engagement in order to share best practices and inspire others to take action to promote health equity.  All who want to join in action for health equity and prosperity can sign on via 100 Million Healthier Lives.