Geoengineering for Decision Makers

IAF Senior Fellow Bob Olson, working with the Science and Technology Innovation Program at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, has just released Geoengineering for Decision Makers, a report dealing with the governance issues involved in developing and using geoengineering technologies to counter the effects of global climate change. The report and a recorded […]

IAF Announces Winners of International Pro-Poor Scenarios Competition

The Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) has announced the results of its Pro-Poor Scenarios Competition, a global contest that invited policy-makers, futurists, academics, and active citizens around the world to develop scenarios that apply foresight methods to expand social and economic opportunities for poor and marginalized populations. While many corporations, organizations, and government agencies frequently […]

Exploring Holiday Uncertainty Using Scenarios

As many organizations grapple with what may be a “new normal,” they are challenging the assumptions which they have brought with them from the past. Nowhere does the past loom larger than in the traditions of the holiday season. Thus, many may be questioning their own expectations of what will happen this year. To explore […]