Jonathan Peck

Jonathan Peck

President and Senior Futurist

Jonathan Peck is President and Sr. Futurist at the Institute for Alternative Futures where he provides a wide range of research, consulting, speaking, meeting design and facilitation services.  He guides futures research used by government leaders, foundations and non-profits as well as by corporations.  Mr. Peck has integrated psychological theory, patterns and insights into his facilitation of vision, mission, and strategic processes for leadership.  His research spans health topics, social, technological, economic, ecological and governance futures.  He has led IAF projects that sketch out visionary outcomes for U.S. healthcare reform, biomedical research futures, global development and key technology revolutions.  Mr. Peck brings multiple disciplines to bear in his futures work.

Mr. Peck’s many projects looking to the future for government agencies, non-government organizations, and multinational corporations in Asia, Europe and the United States all prepare clients for new opportunities. He has worked on the future of health systems design, mental health care, molecular sciences and the health-information infrastructures in multiple countries. Specific studies and projects led by Mr. Peck have forecast the future of technologies, sectors, industries and social change.  He is currently focused on a vision project for health equity and prosperity that intends to expand the movement for freedom and justice in America.

Mr. Peck has worked with hundreds of organizations to help shape preferred futures.  This includes global concerns, such as with the Rockefeller Foundation on “Smart Globalization” and “Pro Poor Scenarios,” as well as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation on “Health and Health Care in 2032.  He has guided large national non-profit organizations including AARP and a variety of health professional associations in using vision, scenarios and forecasts to assure decisions today account for tomorrow.  In his business consulting, Mr. Peck works with companies large and small, worldwide.  He provides consulting, speeches, workshops and reports commissioned for businesses.  Mr. Peck also works extensively with federal government leaders from multiple departments and facilitates work across the boundaries of agencies.

Mr. Peck has co-authored two books, written numerous articles and given hundreds of keynote speeches to audiences around the world.  His articles have been published in Business and Health, Pharmaceutical Executive, Food & Drug Law Review, Clinical Cancer Research, The Monitor, Futures Research Quarterly and many other publications.  Mr. Peck received his Master’s degree at the Futures Studies Program in the Political Science Department of the University of Hawaii.