Vision & Mission

Our Vision:

IAF opens eyes, hearts and minds to alternative futures showing that aspiration is powerful and enduring.  We partner with individuals, communities and organizations worldwide to look over the horizon so that their decisions today are accountable to tomorrow.  IAF helps to create equitable, sustainable futures shaped by kindness, wisdom and foresight.  Our work and our lives embody this hope for preferred futures.

Our Mission:

To help communities and organizations more wisely choose and create the futures they prefer by:

  • providing techniques for organizational and social transformation that will instill vision and integrity;
  • sharing insights gained from leading-edge futures research and a constantly expanding body of integrated knowledge;
  • creating networks of relationships among leaders for more strategic, systemic, global and humane decision-making;
  • developing practices that sustain organizational success in the present while consciously investing in endeavors that expand opportunities for futures generations