Strategic Foresight in the Federal Government: A Survey of Methods, Resources and Institutional Arrangements

Strategic Foresight in the Federal Government identifies approaches and practices for improving Federal foresight efforts and integrating foresight work into strategic planning and decision-making.  It reports on a study sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency of current foresight activities in 19 U.S. federal government agencies. EPA staff, working with the Institute for Alternative Futures, […]

Bezold on the History and Future of Anticipatory Democracy and Foresight – Part 1

At the IAF 40th Anniversary and in a recent article published in the World Futures Review, Clem Bezold described the history and the future of anticipatory democracy and foresight. Below we share some highlights from these. For the full article, please click here.   I started IAF in 1977 together with Jim Dator and Alvin […]

Highlights from IAF’s 40th Anniversary

Happy Birthday, IAF! On October 5, 2017, the Institute for Alternative Futures celebrated its 40th Anniversary at the United Way Learning Center in Alexandria, VA. IAF grew out of the work that Jim Dator, Clem Bezold, and others had been doing in the mid-1970s with Alvin Toffler to promote foresight and anticipatory democracy. IAF has […]

IAF Releases Human Services 2035 Report

The Institute for Alternative Futures (IAF) and The Kresge Foundation release a new publication, Human Services and Human Progress 2035, that explores what human progress, human need and human services will be in the United States in 2035. The human services sector includes over 100,000 organizations and provides $200 billion in services. Yet it faces […]

Major Lessons for Building a Culture of Health

How might multi-sector partnerships support a diverse movement to raise opportunities for everyone to pursue a healthier life? Who can engage in a conversation on health equity and prosperity that leads to vision and action? How do we reach and engage people who are not part of this conversation? To explore these questions, IAF gathered […]

IAF’s IEEE Scenarios and Oxfam Peruvian Agriculture Scenarios

In Aspirational Futures: Integrating Aspirations and Fears in Collective Futures Building, Marguerite Grandjean summarizes the Aspirational Futures method and several of our projects for a project by Futuribles International and CAP Prospective, who are working to create a toolkit of approaches, methods and techniques of strategic foresight. This new report covers two projects that Marguerite […]

IAF Releases National Public Health 2030 Scenarios

IAF’s new report, Public Health 2030: A Scenario Exploration, offers four alternative scenarios for the future of public health, and recommendations for robust strategies that would be effective and advance public health in multiple futures. Click here to access the scenarios and learn more about the Public Health 2030 project.

Public Health 2030 futures for rural and urban America

What will public health in rural and urban America look like in 2030? IAF has released two new sets of scenarios and a workshop toolkit for leaders and organizations in local public health to support strategy formulation and planning. Click here to learn about Public Health 2030 scenarios for Fargo Cass Public Health and the […]

World Scenarios in 2030 for IEEE

What potential innovations could IEEE, the world’s largest association for technical and technological professions, foster over the next two decades to benefit humankind to the best of its ability? Click here for the scenarios that IAF developed for IEEE to frame and nourish its strategic planning process.