IAF stresses the importance of fostering lifelong learning and creating adaptive “learning organizations” in all its client work.  IAF’s work in education focuses on monitoring the leading edge of research on how individuals and groups learn, emerging technologies for learning, and future-responsive curriculum design.  Schools should bring a future focus to education to prepare students to anticipate change and direct their learning, decision making, and actions toward a sustainable future.  Building on a strong track record in the future of education, in 2009 IAF created the Center for Education and Learning Innovation under the direction of Willis Goldbeck.


National Association of Elementary School Principals: Vision 2021

The National Association of Elementary School Principals partnered with IAF to explore the future of the principalship and to help the association develop a vision and strategic framework.  This project engaged a wide community of principals and education leaders in a conversation about creating a preferred future over the next 15 years.

ASME Environmental Scan of Learning and Innovation

For the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IAF conducted an environmental scan and survey regarding collaborative learning communities and technical innovation networks.  Click here for the report.


Capturing the Imagination of the Digital Native

IAF associate Craig Bettles presented to the Massachusetts Cultural Coast Forum on how to capture the imagination of the “digital native” in Hyannis, MA on March 28, 2008.  Click here for the presentation.

21st Century Learning and Health Care in the Home: Creating a National Telecommunications Network

This report, developed with the Consumer Interest Research Institute, examines how new information services and infrastructure can produce dramatic improvements in personal learning, disease prevention and home care.

Regent University Futures Conference

In a personal essay entitled “Where love and need are one and work is play for mortal stakes,” IAF founder and chairman Clem Bezold discussed his professional and personal journey as a futurist for a Regent University conference on futures.