IAF provides associations and nonprofits with futures research to help their members and stakeholders understand the trends and issues shaping their world. IAF also works with the boards and senior leadership teams to help them transform their associations into more effective organizations for the future. Past clients in this area include AARP, the American Cancer Society, the Drug Information Association, and many more. IAF’s approach to futures research is particularly effective at tapping into and building consensus around the highest aspirations of an association and its members.


World Scenarios in 2030 for IEEE

IAF partnered with IEEE, the world’s largest association for technical and technological professions, to identify nine drivers of change specific to IEEE’s macro and operational environment. For each of these drivers, IAF developed forecasts in the expectable zone, and then designed and conducted a scenario-building workshop with members of the IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Strategic Planning. Based on this workshop, IAF developed four scenario narratives. Learn more about the project and read the scenarios.

AARP Healthcare Industry 2018

In 2008, IAF developed a set of four scenarios for the health industry in 2018 by conducting an environmental scan, developing forecasts, and interviewing more than 20 thought leaders.  IAF then facilitated a workshop with AARP senior managers, who explored the scenarios and identified implications for AARP strategy.

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

On April 16, 2008, ASME convened more than 120 engineering and science leaders from 19 countries representing industry, academia and government in Washington, DC to imagine what mechanical engineering will become between now and 2028. Facilitated by IAF, they identified the elements of a shared vision that mechanical engineering will collaborate as a global profession over the next 20 years to develop engineering solutions that foster a cleaner, healthier, safer and sustainable world. View the final report at the ASME Global Summit website.


ASME Environmental Scan of Learning and Innovation

For the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, IAF conducted an environmental scan and survey regarding collaborative learning communities and technical innovation networks. View the report.

Scenarios on the Future of Orthodontics

Based on an environmental scan of trends and forces affecting orthodontics over the next decade, IAF developed a set of four scenarios to guide strategic planning by the Southern Association of Orthodontists.  View the scenario report.

The Future for Union Electrical Construction – Myths & Forecasts

This report for ELECTRI International on the union electrical construction industry exposes industry-wide commonly accepted assumptions and provides forecasts as well as recommendations to inspire innovative strategies for growth. Access the report.