Public Health

IAF has worked on public health on all levels – from international projects for the World Health Organization to our work on community health centers as part of the Disparity Reducing Advances (DRA) project.


Health and Health Care in 2032

In 2012, IAF directed the “Young Leader Awards: Recognizing Leadership for a Healthier America” and helped a diverse panel of established leaders select 10 award winners from a pool of nearly 850 candidates, based on a vision for health and health care 40 years from now. IAF also designed and facilitated an invitation-only Futures Symposium convened by RWJF in June 2012. Recommendations for a healthier future were developed based on a sophisticated set of possible scenarios that are captured in the IAF report Health and Health Care in 2032. Learn more about the project.

Vulnerability 2030: Scenarios on Vulnerability in the United States

In 2010, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation commissioned IAF to develop a set of scenarios describing the alternative futures of vulnerability and vulnerable populations in the U.S. in the year 2030. The project was part of the Foundation’s Vulnerable Populations Program, which addresses critical connections between health and social circumstances. IAF analyzed and assessed several major driving forces and factors including, but not limited to, the economy and employment, Internet and communications, environment, policy, food and diet, education, and technology.  IAF also created a scenario toolkit and videos for organizations to consider the implications of the Vulnerability 2030 Scenarios for their own strategies and operations. Click here for more information.

Community Health Centers Leveraging the Social Determinants of Health

With support from the Kresge Foundation and in partnership with the National Association of Community Health Centers, IAF explored the ways in which community health centers across the nation are addressing the social, economic, and physical conditions that contribute to poor health among the patients they serve.  The report, a database of cases, case studies, and other materials are available here.


IAF Supports Chronic Disease Strategy at the WHO and Oxford Vision 2020 Conference

For the World Health Organization and the Oxford Vision 2020 Conference, IAF conducted a global survey of health leaders on the barriers, opportunities, roles and strategies for chronic disease prevention and control. At the conference, Novo Nordisk, one of the sponsors of the Conference released their Diabetes 2020 scenarios, developed with coaching by an AFA team over a two year period. Click here for the results of the IAF survey.

Diabetes & Obesity 2025: Four Future Scenarios for the Twin Health Epidemics

This report explores the future of diabetes and obesity by developing four scenarios based in 2025.  Each scenario was built using IAF’s unique methodology which combines the theories of Spiral Dynamics with traditional scenario building methods.  The report was prepared with support by Novo Nordisk and can be found here.

Report to AHRQ from the Consumer-led Workshop to Advance Patient Safety

This project invited consumers into the lead role in advancing patient safety and create a partnership between consumers and other stakeholders in improving health care.  IAF facilitated a workshop to create the vision, mission, goals, and action steps to energize a consumer-led change effort.  Click here to see the PDF report.