Alternative 2057 Forecasts

What are the futures of energy, transportation, information and communication technologies in 2057? What about the economy, jobs, health and healthcare, and the environment, society, and governance? Lots to think about.

To stimulate thinking about changes coming over the next forty years, IAF created alternative forecasts as building blocks for scenarios using the Aspirational Futures approach. IAF futurists developed these forecasts by conducting dialogues and holding a focus group with diverse people who were invited to consider a range of outcomes using the Aspirational Futures archetypes for expectable, desperate, and aspirational possibilities.

Then we asked participants at the Symposium on Foresight and Creating the Futures We Prefer held on October 5, 2017 to select those forecasts that best fit their assigned archetype. Working in small groups, they discussed their selections and what they mean for 2057 as well as what additional forecasts should be added to help with constructing scenarios. Subsequent to the Symposium we have used these forecasts with two university classes (graduate and undergraduate) to help students imagine the scenarios they may live through.

Now we invite you, our reader, to consider the forecasts and how they fit with the Aspirational Futures archetypes. You might even want to construct your own scenarios for 2057.

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