Master Class: Sign up for IAF’s Wiser Futures Workshop at WFS

Clem Bezold and Willis Goldbeck will be offering IAF’s Wiser Futures Workshop as a Master Class on July 21, 2016 prior to the World Future Society’s annual Conference in Washington.

This popular Master Class introduces the Institute for Alternative Futures’ unique aspirational futures approach that enhances understanding of plausible futures and enables better creation of preferred futures. Participants will explore specific futures tools; get practical advice on using those futures tools to enhance learning and effective decision making within their organizations and communities as well as in education. This is a highly interactive workshop where participants experience and reflect on the tools we describe. Every participant receives a source book of tools and examples that illustrate successful futures work. This is a highly rated workshop. Participants will leave this course with an understanding of trends, forecasts, scenarios, and vision – the basic techniques that the Institute for Alternative Futures considers essential to transformative futures work and effective strategic planning.

To Register for the course, go to the WorldFuture2016 conference website  ( then click on “buy tickets” and scroll down to the Wiser Futures master class.